Pinpricks of Life

To train ourselves to endure weekly the little pinpricks of life with magnanimous joy heat and cold, pain and pleasure, success and failure is itself the highest Sadhana. Swami Chinamayananda

Be Fearless

For more of us, fear is a part of our mental make up. Fear is a poison that quickly circulates through the entire system, paralysing the will, producing a queer sensation in some part or the other of the human body. Yes fear is the cause of many diseases. Fearlessness … Continue Reading Be Fearless

My Desires have not grown old

Enjoyments do not exist, But I was exhausted by the enjoyments. I did no penance nor hard work But time spared me not without hitting Time has not exhausted But I have been consumed My desires have not grown old But I have grown old and weary. – Bharati Hari

Surrender to Him

Being in a state of physical illness or at times when not being in our Best Version … Surrendering ourselves to That Which is Omnipresent .. gives us Strength and a Reminder of Our Inner Power. “Soor Patit Ko Beg UbaarO – Ab Meri Naav Dhari” O Lord! here are … Continue Reading Surrender to Him