Saintly Thoughts – Swami Sivanandaji


There is a light that never dims
There is a beauty that never fades
There is a drink that immortalises
There is a silence which is ever eloquent
There is a friend who is ever eternal
There is a peace which ever comforts
There is a bliss that never decays
There is a life eternal, which is ever joyful.
It is Atma thy Innermost Self-Indweller.

Cultivate right understanding and right thinking.
Develop cosmic Love.
Eradicate selfishness.
Practice self-restraint.
Develop virtuous qualities.
Have faith in the existence of God.
Pray to the Almighty daily.
The Divine Grace will descend on you.

A time like this demands
Great hearts, Strong minds
The Truth and Willing hands
Men whom the powers of office will not lure
Men whom the spoils of office will not buy
Men who have opinion and a will
Men who dare not lie.

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