Marriage – A Sacrament


It is a well known fact that in India, the institution of marriage is sanctified as a religious sacrament and fortified by a number of social & political regulations. It is part and parcel of Vaidic Dharma.The reason why the sexual relationship between a man and a woman is considered sacred is that it is the basis and foundation not only of the family organisation and the preservation of orderly community life but also of the purity of the race and the well-being of the progeny.

Marriage, therefore, is not a concession to human weakness, but a necessary means of spiritual growth. The proper choice of the bride “the Gotra” the ancestry and the family of the bride and the mental, moral & physical characteristics of the bride and her relations were all very serious considerations because Indian ancient rishis and law-givers were convinced that marriage was not a relation between a male and a female designed to legalise desire but a relation between parents and children designed to preserve and strengthen the race.

If it had been a personal instead of a racial matter, it would have been made the first concern of human customs and laws. It is the most fundamental of all social institutions, the one which guards and replenishes the stream of human life.

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