Integrated Approach

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Henceforth such is the Will of God: No man shall coerce another; No person shall exploit another. Each individual has the inalienable birthright to seek pursue happiness and self-fulfilment. Love and persuasion is the only law of social coherence.

Guru Granth Sahab


Allah doth command you to render back your trusts to those whom they are due; and when ye judge between man and man that ye judge with justice; verify how excellent is the teaching which He giveth you! for Allah is He who heareth and seeth all things.

The Qur’an


As we all know, disregard for the natural inheritance of human beings has brought about the danger that now threatens the peace of the world as well as the chance to live of endangered species. Such destruction of the environment and the life depending upon it is a result of ignorance, greed and disregard for the richness of all living things. This disregard for the richness of all living things. This disregard is gaining great influence. If peace does not become a reality in the world and if the destruction of the environment continues as it does today there is no doubt that future generations will inherit a dead world.

H H The Dalai Lama


Were one to observe with an eye that discovereth the realities of all things, it would become clear that the greatest relationship that bindeth the world of being together lieth in the range of created things themselves, and that cooperation, mutual aid and reciprocity are essential characteristics in the unified body of the world of being, inasmuch as all created things are closely related together and each is influenced by the other or deriveth benefit therefrom either directly or indirectly.

Abdu’l Baha, The Bahai faith


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