Purifying Ourselves


Wise, self-controlled and tranquil souls, who are contented in spirit, and who practice austerity and meditation in solitude and silence, are freed from all impurity, and attain by the path of liberation to the immortal, the truly existing, the changeless Self.

Mundaka Upanishad 1.2.11

The moral man’s life is an empflication of the universal moral order, chung yung, because he is a moral person who unceasingly cultivates his true self or moral being. The life of the vulgar person, on the other hand, is a contradiction of the universal order, because he is a vulgar person who in his heart has no regard for, or fear of, the moral law.

Doctrine of the Mean 3

Because perfect wisdom tames and transforms him, wrath and conceit he does not increase. Neither enmity nor ill-will take hold of him, nor is there even a tendency towards them. He will be mindful and friendly… It is wonderful how this perfection of wisdom has been set up for the control and training of the bodhisattvas.

Perfection of Wisdom

Of all the created things of being of the universe,

it is the two-legged men alone,

who, if they purify and humiliate themselves,

may become one with – or may know,


Black Elk

Not in the heavens, or the underworlds,

Not in the hollow-caves of trackless mountains…

The cave where brahma shines is the heart-cave.

Of Mind which is filled with the Consciousness



You would attain to divine perfection.

And yet not turn your back upon the world.

H W Longfellow

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