Life Beyond Physical World

What came first? is an endless debate but what “is” and will remain ? has a unanimous withholding in this world. ‘You are spirit and not this body‘ This phrase has been talked about and written by numerous philosophers around the globe. Did you live this phrase? Do you .. ? looking around ourselves at living and ‘non’ living things have life too. Haven’t you heard another popular phrase – ‘Everything vibrates‘ so every-thing is as alive as you and I. Breathe in through your nose and Breathe out through your mouth – now – as you read this article. . . You just did a small meditation and this is what reminds us about the Life beyond this illusive (mäyic) physical world which vibrates at such a high frequency that we forget this is nothing but Energy in motion that looks-like physical. And everything that ‘looks like’ is not real and will diminish with time. You will go beyond this physical world because you ‘are’ and you ‘will remain’ – Always.

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