Chehre Pe Chehra

There are seven other individuals in this physical world who resemble with your face, that’s what we hear a lot and there are similar impressions from different cultures and belief systems when they talk about parallel lives. And at Chehre Pe Chehra, most of the times I try to find faces that look alike for the most part of their faces, meaning, at times only eyes and expressions look similar; at other times perhaps the smile or their jaw line looks the same. In any case, you might ask..what’s the point!

Well, a face, to my understanding is not only our identity but also our unique way of expression, may it be natural or made-up. There are some creative people who would choose to make their faces up, to express their individuality for example  some men choose to ornate their faces with different sorts of moustache or beard, put different sorts of hairstyles (or not) and then similar notion goes for women too. With time, Chehre Pe Chehra has become a collection of different popular faces and at the same time a handful interested facebook users enjoy playing this in form of  a game to identify the morphed face between the two different faces; I think this is fantastic and in about 18 months I am glad to serve these users with pleasure. A message with facial expressions, look alikes & a game to play – this together puts a valid point in place.

I can’t thank enough to all the facebook users to visit Chehre Pe Chehra and play this game with same excitement everyday. Thank You.

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