Age is a Quality of Mind

It is not years that make age. Frivolous pursuits, base passions unsubdued, narrow selfishness, vacuity of mind, life with sordid aims or no aims at all – these are the things that bring age upon the soul, healthful tastes an open eye for what is beautiful and good in nature and in man, a happy remembrance of youthful pleasures, a mind never without some active interest or pursuit – these are the things that carry on the feeling of into old age

Theodore Martin

The older the fiddle, sweeter the time.
Old men for counsel, young men for action.
It is nice to grow old, if one keeps young.
Age is a quality of mind

If you have left your dreams behind
If hope is cold
If you no longer look ahead
If the flames of your ambitions are dead
Then you are old.

Longevity is the work of lifetime and there is no shortcut to it but moderation and temperance in everything.

Forty is the old age of youth
Fifty is the youth of old age.

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