Social Mask – Unanimous Acceptance

“Noire et blanche” de Man Ray (1926) | “Black and White” Photograph by an American Visual artist Man Ray.

It is definitely an assertive and progressive way to lead a positive perception towards life by smiling almost at all times and giving out message to the universe that we are mostly happy and we accept the changes and all those visibly good things; however (here comes a bit bitter part), On the flip side of our true self, we are hurt, deceived or broke sometimes, but hey! we need to get out in the society.. where is my social-mask? Putting on this superficial mask we at least appear to be happy, emanating happiness to those who meet us, to those who we gently and wise give our peaceful piece of mind.. So, even if we disagree with someone we do it rather in a subtle way to maintain the tranquility of our mind.

Being kind to someone, certainly means to be useful to others or to extend our helping hand to someone who is in need, whether the person is someone who you know or not, even if the person has been unkind towards you in the past. Yes! it is something very strong and beautiful trait to have.Some call it inner-beauty; but how do you brush-off the social conditioning? is completely a different question. Being kind is not as easy as it is been expressed in words.We as people, have accepted this social-mask to portray our being-kind and being-human attitude towards others so others may get help from this in some way. And in solitude, we improve and sharpen the saw to serve the society.

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