The Beauty of Life

ravindra nath tagor

This day heart seeks not to count that which I never got

Today, amidst the light and share my soul,

There plays that music still.

I did love this earth,

yes I did love it,

And the memories of

those flowers

that blew in with the

southern breeze

still lingering on.

Rabindranath Tagore

dadi janki


Developing an awareness of life beyond your immediate suroundings bring a healthy restlessness which is infused with peace and used well, can be a foundation for positive change in the world.

Dadi Janki







Living well and beautifully and justly are all one thing





An Indian Jesuit priest, psychotherapist, Spiritual teacher, writer and a public speaker.

Think of yourself in a concert half listening to the strains of the sweetest music when you suddenly remember that you forgot to lock your car. You are anxious about the car, you cannot enjoy the music. Then you have a perfect image of life as it is lived by most human beings. For life to those who have the ear to heart is a symphony; but very very rare indeed is the human being who hear the music. Why? Because they are busy listening to the noises that their condition and their programming have put in their heads.

Anthony D’mello


Edwin way teale
An American Naturalist, Photographer and Pulitzer play-winning writer.




Better a thousand times even a swiftly fading, ephemeral moment of life than the epoch-long unconsciousness of the stone

Edwin Way Teale




British Playright, Novelist & a short play writer




For the complete life, the perfect pattern includes age as well as youth and maturity

Somersel Mougham

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