Truth Liberates


Have Bhakti within and give up all cunning and deceit. Those who are engaged in business, such a work in office or trade, should also stick to truth. Truthfulness is a Tapasya of this age of Kali… Unless one always speaks the truth, one cannot find God who is the soul of Truth.

Shri Ramakrishna

george hepworth

The Truth is the Truth, whether we believe it or not, It does not hurt the truth not to be believed, but it hurts you and me if we don’t believe it,

George .H. Hepworth

will durant

Truth always originates in a minority of one and every custom begins as a broken precedent.

Will Durant

thomas paine

Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks and all that it wants, it is the liberty of appearing. The sun needs no inscription of distinguish it from darkness.

Thomas Paine

richard whately

It is one thing to wish to have truth on our side and another thing to wish to be on the side of truth.

Richard Whately

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