Compassion & Suffering


I believe there is a significant difference between your own suffering you might experience in a compassionate state in which you take upon yourself and share other peoples’ suffering; when you think about your own suffering, there is a feeling of being totally burdened.. but in the case of compassion, underlying the uncomfortable feeling is very high level of alertness & determination because you are voluntarily and deliberately accepting anothers’ suffering.

Dalai Lama

A person who believes that all are his soul mates and loves them alike, never feels lonely. The divine qualities of forgiveness, compassion and service will make him lovable in the eyes of all. He will experience intense joy throughout his life.

Yajur veda (4à.6)

Compassion is a natural response to hurt and pain in yourself or in another. The heart softens and opens. Compassion feels warm and soothing, like a gentle salve. It gives the heart strength to feel the pain as well as the truth of the situation.

Causing it, Comparison arises from a heart felt understanding of your own truth, and it supports your willingness to be with the truth.

Bryon Brown

Until we know what motivates the heart and minds of men we can understand nothing outside ourselves, nor will we never reach fulfilment as that greatest miracle of all, The human being.

Marya Mannes

I don’t ask for your pity, but just your understanding – not even that – no. Just for your recognition of me in you, and the enemy, time , in us all.

Tennesse Williams


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