Fulfilment and Faith


Unfortunate are those who keep desiring and yet their desires are not fulfilled. A little more fortunate are those whose desires get fulfilled over a long period of time. More fortunate are those whose desires get fulfilled as soon as their desire arise. The most fortunate are those who have no desires because there is fulfilment before a desire can arise.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Fear exists as long as there is accumulation of the known, which creates fear of losing. Therefore fear of the unknown is really fear of losing the accumulated known. The moment I say ‘I must not lose’ there is fear.

J. Krishnamurti

All things are possible until they are proved impossible – and even impossible may even be so as of now.

Pearl S Buck

Once you learn to listen to your messages, you then move to next , deeper level of growth : Trusting those messages. You learn the lesson of trust when you take a leap of faith and believe that your inner knowing is guiding you toward your greater good. Trust is attunement of your instincts to know who and what is in your best interest; so that you may rely absolutely on the validity of your messages.

Cherie Carter

Learning to talk properly to the self is a spiritual endeavour. When you make a mistake, do you talk lovingly to yourself in your mind, or do you tell yourself off? One habit recognises your divinity; the other subtly shapes a nature of sorrow.

Dadi Janki

Man is not the sum of what he has already but rather the sum of what he does not yet have, of what he could have.

Jean Paul Sartre


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