Pleasure & Pain


f2803dbb9fb71ff57f20f662c9898593The Power of glory of knowledge and faith never fail, a true devotee, whatever be the joy and suffering his body undergoes … see how severe were the tribulations that visited the pandavas, yet not for a moment did the light of knowledge desert them.

Sri Ramakrishna

There is a pleasure, in not being pleased.


Laughter causes misery to vanish. It teaches you to lighten up and take yourself less seriously. even in the most serious situations. It can also hep you gain some much needed perspective.. So give yourself permission to laugh. You’ll be amazed at how quickly a crisis can turn into a comedy when you invite a humour.

Cherie Carter-Scott

Few pleasures there are indeed without the after touch of pain, but that is the preservation which keeps them sweet.

Helen Keller


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