Attachment & Discontent



To whatever extent the five senses the four taints of emotions, and the four instinctive appetites are supposed suppressed by a person who is well established in the path of righteousness, to such extent the doorway for such extent for the entrance of evil is closed for that person.

Acarangasutra 4.15

He who remains dissatisfied, finds fault with the way things happen or with one short coming or the other in anyone, then feels sad. One who compares what he has with others’ achievements, and , instead of removing his own shortcomings, longs for more and more, such a one is always dissatisfied.

Raja Yogi B. K. Jagdish

Be  content with your lot; One cannot be first in everything.


Although competition and ambition are considered to be desirable qualities by society and employers, they are far from desirable in spiritual sense. One must find satisfaction by doing one’s utmost and not by trying to beat another person in achievement

M. Bhaskaran

Unattachment is the release of need or expectation associated with a specific outcome. For most people, this is one of the most difficult lessons to learn. We become attached to the way we envision something working out, and struggle to make circumstances bend to our desires.

Cherie Carter-Scott

Better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us.

Thomas Fuller

Be Content with what thou has received and smooth thy frowning forehead, for the door of choice is not open either to thee or me.



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