But those who worship Me, surrendering all actions to Me, regarding Me as the supreme goal, meditating on Me with Single-pointed yoga. Fix your mind on Me alone, place your intellect in Me, then you shall, no doubt live in Me alone.

Bhagvad Gita (12.6-8)

Desires arise out of body, mind and intelliect. These three material components make up our shell, beyond which lies the true Self, the Atman or God. But we are confused by our shell we identify our self with it, turning to the sensations of our body, the feelings and desires of our mind or the thoughts of the intellect. As we think so we become. This is the principle of action. If we turn to our true Self, in-stead of attaching ourselves to our body, mind and intellect; we will not be dragged again and again into the cycle of birth and death in this world. We will come to God.

God is in Arjuna as he is in every human being. We are all, each one of us, are God plus desires, so by a simple subtraction of desires we come to God. That is our supreme Goal.

Swami Parthasarathy

The most direct way to experience meditation is simply to let everything be as it is. Just let everything be as it is – over and over and over again.

Now the minute we try to let everything be as it is, what we discover is that we don’t want to do it, And the reason for this is that we are so compulsively fascinated with contents of our own mind – our likes, dislikes and all of our worries; but if we want to be free, we will find the strength to be disinterested in the contents of our own mind. If we want to be free we will find the courage to simply – Let everything be as it is.

Andrew Cohen


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