Temple of God


The religions are there to unite all the people in a feeling of unity of all the "Gods". They give us a feeling that we are children of some Paramatma and we should live in harmony and we should live with unity - a Bhava of Eikya or Oneness, If that comes out fruitful, there will be no quarrels in the name of Gods. The animosity and hatred will disappear and there will be harmonious living - Sowjanya Bhava and Peace will prevail.

Sri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati

Let Gods' grace be the mosque and devotion the prayer mat. 
Let the Qur'an be the good conduct.
Let Modesty be compassion.
Good manners fasting
Let good deeds be your 
Kaaba and truth be 
your Mentor
Your Kalma be your 
creed and prayer.
God would then vindicate
your honour.

Guru Nanak

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