Back to Life: Who lives and never dies?


“Nobody is born or dies at any time. It is the mind that conceives its birth and death and its migration to other bodies and other worlds”

Yoga Vashishsth

In the mayic, illusive physical world,  very rarely would people take time and think about the questions that only people dedicated to the spiritual path would give their time and attention to. Who is living really? is it me, the name or identity that lives and possesses the material stuff out here to enjoy day-to-day life or really is it someone else who is in this body and been always in this space and has travelled through different times and been in several other bodies prior to this? Well, think for a moment we all now realise that the soul which is you, your true-self would eventually leave the body one day and that day whole cocktail of your desires emotions and other vibrations would conclude your being and will make you realise what you actually are. That very realisation is what most of us are so curious about. How wonderful it would be if you meditate on this thought every single day, and live your life to the fullest just with the feeling that all the emotions and desires that you have within you, at this very moment are pure light and that you are – separate – from all these elements that you suppose to be the part of yourself. Of course! they help you express yourself, but that isn’t you.

There are two most popular holy hindu scriptures that one must refer, it would be tremendous value to your understanding of life and death if you read it, but even beneficial if you refer them – Ramayana by Mahrishi Valmiki & Srimad Bhagwad Geeta; For first one teaches you how to live a life and the latter one gives direction about how to prepare and leave this body naturally with peace.

It is a common understanding that Life is what we see and experience here in this dimension of physical world, whereas the truth is that Life continues when we die we are back to life, and when we are born, we are back to life. Who dies anyway?



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