22 Rules to Triumph Workplace Politics


How many times have you complained about office politics & wished you knew ways to circumvent or at least not to fall victim of it? The fact is that office politics is something that you cannot escape from. Even when you are self employed you need to know the office politics of your clients. If you want to make that sale or atleast get that cheque on time without too many delays. So, what can one do about it? Nothing really. But you can use a few rules for yourself. Which goes like this:

  1. Always behave professionally.
  2. Never gossip-it will come back to haunt you.
  3. Learn the game being played and play it, not the one you want or think you should be playing.
  4. Don’t make enemies. Don’t burn bridges you never know from which quarters you will need help tomorrow.
  5. Don’t whine and complain that is the surest way to put people off.
  6. Don’t intimidate superiors – even if they are ignorant about something; you don’t have to make a show of it.
  7. Avoid going over superior’s head – that will ensure enmity.
  8. Don’t make others look bad- you never gain from it in the long run.
  9. Don’t criticise employee or bosses – you need their respect and trust to succeed.
  10. Couch criticism in terms of employer’s interests, not personal.
  11. Help others get what they want and in turn, this will most likely return the favour, and even if you do not get anything visible in return, you do gain good will in any case.
  12. Establish affiliations of mutual advantage with important people, but be discreet. It does not pay to be a name-dropper.
  13. Find common ground with others that will help develop team spirit which will benefit all.
  14. Avoid discussing personal problems.
  15. Selectively self-disclose, not everyone need to know everything about you.
  16. Assume nothing will stay secret.
  17. Try to win or create win-win solutions.
  18. Keep employer’s perspective in mind that will get you the deserving promotion you are aiming for.
  19. Cultivate a positive, simple, accurate image.
  20. Push  your limits to do difficult, uncomfortable or scary work – your personal growth depends on it.
  21. Be Pleasant, Laugh and Smile often – by doing this, put others at easy and they will go out of their way to help you.
  22. Be assertive and tough when required, not aggressive.


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