The Cosmos


The cosmic energy is the generator of the universe, the embryo of waters, the leader of humans, Most virile defender of the human race, It remains ever illumined by its own radiance and It provides sustenance for its beloved progeny.

Who knows what is Truth, Or who may here declare it? What is the proper path That leads to the place of divine forces? Only their inferior abiding places are perceived. Not those which are situated in superior mysterious locations.


My theology, briefly, is that the universe was dictated but not signed.

Christopher Morley

O Agni, the cosmic fire, After the deep contemplation and search, The resolute seeker has discovered Thee From the lotus-leaf lake Cosmos, Which is the head and support of the universe.

The flames of this mighty cosmic energy descend like the hurdled thunderbolt of the powerful Lord of Heaven? Its fierce flame has the power of destroying All material forms. It consumes all dross and superficial material forms, as the fire consumes forests.

May the cosmic energy and cosmic radiations which are discharged from heaven and traverse the earth, Leave us unharmed, when they pass by our dwellings.

O appeaser of the winder, Thou hast a thousand medicaments inflict no pain upon us.


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