The Secret of Happy Home



‘ I have one of the best of wives; and when I go to work. She always has a kind word of encouragement for me and when I go home, she meets me with a smile and a kiss, and then tea is sure to be ready, and she has done so many little things through the day to please me that I cannot find it in my heart to speak an unkind word to anybody.

Some of the happiest homes I have ever been in ideal homes, where intelligence, peace and harmony dwell have been homes of poor people. No rich carpets covered the floors, there were no costly paintings, on the walls, no piano, no library, no words of art.

But there were contended minds devoted and unselfish lives, each contributing as much as possible to the happiness of all, and endeavouring to compensate by intelligence and kindness for the poverty of their surroundings. One cheerful, bright and contended spirit in a household will uplift the tone of all the rest. The keynote of the home is the hand of the resolutely cheerful member of the family and he or she will set the pitch of the rest’

Cheerfulness As a Life Power – Orison Swett Marden, Dongwei Chu

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