It does not pay to Gossip

Adobe Spark

Most of us spend a large portion of our day talking about one thing or another. Even if we leave aside the talking we do , in connection with our job, responsibilities etc, you will find that we still do a great deal of talking, what percentage of all words are necessary, or more to the point, how much of that thinking is of value, and how much is gossip?

We often consider gossip as a significant focal point of normal conversation but gossip of idle and negative talk about others is very harmful mainly because it affects our attitude towards that person being talked about.

Not to mention that much of such idle talk is false anyway, thereby creating unnecessary bad feelings among people. By listening to gossip you will only turn your head into a waste paper basket and will probably find yourself as the next one who is being slandered as soon as your back is turned. It really does not pay, be he in agreement with people whose tongues whip up malicious gossip, perhaps a thought you can carry with you today is that if all your time and energy is used to gossip, will have no strength to talk sense.

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