The Power of Kind Words


“A kind word has a divine power to calm storms of hate and strife and change mere men into visible angels.” .

Father Faber Says:The Power of Kind Words! In truth, there is hardly a power on earth equal to them. It seems as if they could almost do what in reality God alone can do – namely soften the hard and angry hearts of men. ”

Kindness to be perfect an to be lasting must be cultivated and conformed to the Divine Model, Jesus Christ, Christ likeness, without the sweetness and gentleness of kindness is simply unthinkable.

Kindness and happiness always go together – they are like Siamese Twins. – Like the two sides of the same coin.

The rewards for kindness is immediate and double, for they cause visible happiness in others and an abiding happiness in ourselves.

Through kindness, a man very quickly follows, approaches and even overtakes the living and kind Christ.

It pays to be kind. Charity to patient is kind. Kindness is a master key to all hearts.

– J. Maurus, Just a Moment Please

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Listen to this beautiful song from Film – Hum Sab Ustad hain released in 1965. Song illustrates the true meaning of Life and how beautifully it describes the essence of being human. Before we are from certain caste or religion,  we are humans, brothers & sisters.

Lyricist Asad Bhopali has beautifully penned this song for the generations to come. How everything that we see around us, is trying to give us indications to be Kind to each other.


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